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Jack Benny #1

Home Sweet Sing Sing     Car 54 where are you

Burns and Allen

Kiddie Park   Mr. ED

Stories of the Century   Frank & Jessie James

Pride of the Yankees    Gary Cooper

Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein  

The Devils Brigade    William Holden

The Lone Ranger

Car 54 where are you     Swing your partdner 

Combat   Vic Morrow

The Sixth finger    The Outer Limits

Rustlers Hideout    The Lone Ranger

The Alamo   John Wayne

The Pink Panther Strikes Again    Peter Sellers

The Man who never was     The Outer Limits

Bedlow strikes again    Petticoat Jnc.

Glory   The Rebel

Over the Rainbow    Judy Garland

Go for Broke       Van Johnson    

Great Guy     James Cagny

Run Silent Run Deep    Clark Gable   War movie

Hogans Heroes   First Episode 

Swampfire    Johnny Weissmuller

McHales Navy #1

McHales Navy #2

I married Joan   Program #1

The Jack Benny #2

Arizona Kid    Roy Rogers

The Rebel tv show   Nick Adams

The Sniper      Combat   Vic Morrow

Petticoat Jnc      Christmas show

The Jack Benny Christmas Show

Stories of the Century    Clay Allison

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon #1

The Jack Benny Show  with Bob Hope

The Rifleman     Duel

I gettin swallowed by a Boa        Johnny Cash

Tennesse Border #2    Homer & Jethro

The one on the right    Johnny Cash

Monster of McHales Island

Popeye for President

Popeye meeta Alla Baba

His Girl Friday       Cary Grant

Hogans Heroes #3

Them       James Arness

Zorro       Tyrone Power      1941

Frankie and Johnny                Elvis Presley

The Mickey Rooney Show

At war with the army   Martin and Lewis   

I will take Sweden    Bob Hope

McHales   Navys #7

McHales Navy  #8

The Bible is right    Deliverance Temple

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