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I just got off that devils train   Jimmy Swaggart

Born Again 
Dudley Smith

Aint no Grave going to hold my body down
                    Janet Paschal

Amazing Grace   Jimmy Swaggart

Jesus Hold my hand  Jimmy & Jerry Lee

Jimmy & Jerry Lee It Is No Secret

He is the way for you

Just got off the devils train  Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart Classic 2

Jimmy Swaggart Classics 1

Cast all your Cares    The Choir

Jimmy Swaggart Classic 3

Jimmy Swaggart Classic 4

Don't give up on a Child of God   John Starnes

God is still on the Throne   The Choir

God's Precious Love    Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

Dedicate this Temple   The Choir

God is God   Dudley Smith & RW Schambauch

He Came to Me   John Starnes

He Bought my Soul   Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

Hide Thou Me   Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

His coming cannot not be Far Away   The Flowers

Jesus dropped the Charges   The Choir

Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know  Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

I've Been Changed   John Starnes

Heaven on my mind    John Starnes

Blessed Assurance

It's Over Now   Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

I've never seen the Righteous Forsaken  Janet Paschall

He washed my eyes with tears   Jimmy Swaggart

He;s Allright   The Choir

Crimson Stream  Tambitha Pemlot

In honor of the King   Janet Paschall

I saw a man   Jimmy Swaggart

How wonderful your name    The Choir

It feels so Good  Ted Garrett

It is well   Ted Garrett

If God is dead   Jimmy Swaggart

Jesus is the Sweetest name I know   Jimmy Swaggart

Born Again      Darrell Winn

Each Step of the Way   Jimmy Swaggart

Daystar   Darrell Winn

God's Precious Love   Jimmy Swaggart

Go tell it on the Mountain    Choir

Compassion for the Lost    Debra Wilemon

Looking for a city    Jimmy Swaggart

Precious Lord     Jimmy Swaggart

No one ever cared  JImmy Swaggart

Then I met the Master   Jimmy Swaggart

Sheltered in the Arms   Jimmy Swaggart

More of You    Jimmy Swaggart

Wasted Years   Jimmy Swaggart

There is a River   Jimmy Swaggart

He knows my name    Jimmy Swaggart

Jesus is the sweetest name    Jimmy Swaggart

Through it All      Jimmy Swaggart

I'll  Fly away   Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart Classic #5

Jimmy Swaggart Classic #6

Jimmy Swaggart Classic #7

Jimmy Swaggart Classic #8

Jimmy Swaggart Classic #9

Jimmy Swaggart Classic #10

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