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City Coming down   Greater Vision

I like Southern style the best    Les Butler

All i got is all I need  The wisecarvers

My Soul got another dip    Alabama Mass choir 

John 3:16    The Perrys

The night after Easter   Donnie Sumner

Hold On    Authentic Unlimited

At that Old Country Church     Gaither Group

Practice what your preaching    LeFaver  QT

Angels step Back    Mike Payne and the Payne Family

Thia Old House   Colet Selwyn

Moses take your shoes off   Conrad  cook and the calvary echoes

Glory Land   The Cathedrals

Devil went down to Geogia  Charlie Daniels  band   

Are you washed   Flatt and Scrubbs

Aloha     Elvis

I will not turn back    Gold city

If I could telephone Heaven  

Janet Paschall

Everything is Beautiful  Ray Stevens

Goodman Revival

Thru the Fire    The Crabb Family

I Believe  Jimmy Fourtain  with Daily & Vincent 

Long Black Train    Josh Turner

Medley   Karen Wheaton

This is War   Maik Payne & the Payne family

Keep moving  Along     The Perrys

Soul Filling Station     The original Hinson's

Somebody Prayed for me    New Calvary Echoes

Johnson Mountain Boys

Gold City

Medley    Karen Wheaton

I was there when it happened   Walt Mills

The Reggie Sandler Family

Happy Rhythm     Signature Sound

What  the See Saw    Proclaimers QT

The Crabb Family

Howard Goodman

All that matters to the Lord     Proclaimers QT

Long live that old time religon Old time preachers QT.

Down East Boys

Redemmed QT

16 tons     Homer and Jethro

Chicken in Black      Johnny Cash

Are you lonesome tonight    Homer & Jethro

Job for the Holy Ghost      Mike Purkey

Boa Constrictor     Johnny Cash

Everyone Loves a Nut     Johnny Cash

Jesus is so Wonderful      The Masts

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