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Ray Stevens

Tennessee Border Homer & Jethro

The one on the right  Johnny Cash

I'm getting swallowed by a Boa Constrictor
                        Johnny Cash

Are you Lonesome tonight   Homer & Jethro

Mississippi Squirrel Revival   Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens

The Pirate   Ray Stevens

Junita and the kids  Ray Stevens

Virgil and the moon shot  Ray Stevens

Wendy Bagwell

Hello Mama  Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens

Ghost Chickens in the Sky   Leroy Troy  
She Thinks I Steal Cars    Pinkard & Bowen
Hello Mudda  Hello Faddah  Alen Sherman
Disorder In the Court   3 Stooges
I Think My Dogs a Democrat  Bryan Lewis

The Funeral Song

You Fixin to Mess Up    Jerry Clower

25 Minutes to Go    Johnny Cash

I Walk the line #2   Ben Colder

Ring of Fire "Smoke"   Ben Colder  "Sheb Wooley

Lovesick Blues  Ben Colder

Almost Persuaded   Ben Colder

Devil went down to Georgia   Charlie Daniels

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