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The Mark of Zorro 1940

Over the Rainbow
   Judy Garland

The Devils Brigade  William Holden

The Thing from Another World James Arness

Run Silent Run Deep   Clark Gable

Pride of the Yankees  The Lou Gehrig Story

Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein

Showboat   Old man River   

Mr. Wise Guy    East Side Kids

That Gang of Mine   East Side Kids

East Side Kids

Bowery  Blitzkrieg   East Side Kids

Attack of the Giant Leaches  Sci Fi
The Westerner     Gary Cooper

Africa Screams   Abbot & Costella

Follow that Dream    Elvis

At War with the Army    Martin & Lewis

Support your local Gunfighter   James Garner

Along came Jones    Gary Cooper

A Shot in the Dark  Peter Sellers  

Tarzan    Johnny Weissmuller

Support your local sheriff    James Garner

Show Boat

Kid Galahad     Elvis

The Over the Hill Gang    Walter Brenna

Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome Here   Benny Hinn

It came from Beneth the Sea  50's  Sci Fi
Rage at Dawn   Randolph  Scott

David & Goliath

Arizona Kid   Roy Rogers

Bells of Rosetta    Roy Rogers

Them!     James Arness

The Alamo     John Wayne

Go For Broke   A War movie

Corrigan    A War Movie

A Walk in the Sun   A War Movie

His Girl Friday     Cary Grant 

Great Guy    James Cagney

12 Angry Men


I Cover the Waterfront

Kansas City Confidential

Scarlet Screet Edward G. Robinson

Meet John Doe    Gary Cooper

The Rusians are coming

The Man who knew too Little   Bill Murrary

The Proud Rebel    Alan Ladd

I will take Sweden   Bob Hope

The Time of your Life    James Cagney

The Inspector General     Danny Kaye

The Bold Caballero

Beneath the 12-mile Reef

The Big Trees     Kurt Douglas

Vengeance Valley       Burt Lancaster

White Fang  story about a Dog

The Milky White Way


This is the Army    Ronald Regan  

The Pink Panther  strikes again    Peter Sellers

The Pink Panther    Peter Sellers

Fistful of Dollars   Clint Eastwood

UHF      Weird Al

Sabrina      Humphrey Bogart & Audrey Hepburn

Stalag  17

The Nevadan    Randolph Scott

The Crawling Eye        Forrest Tucker

Reptilius   Sci Fi

Jack the giant killer       Sci Fi

Gorgo    Sci Fi

Jack and the Beanstalk   Abbot & Costello

Baby Face Nelson   Mickey Rooney

Your never too young   Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis  1955

Way way out     Jerry Lewis

I'm from Arkansas     Comedy

Ma and Pa Kettle counting

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