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I'm in the Army now   Popeye

Cooking with Gags   Popeye

The New 3 Stooges

Popeye for President

Lil LuLu

Howdy Doody

Sinbad       Popeye

A Haul in One    Popeye

Ancient History     Popeye

Aint She Sweet   Cartoon

Goofy Gander   L'II Audrey

Songs of the Birds       L'll Audrey

Animal Fair

The Big Drip   Cartoon

Base Brawl  Cartoon

Quack-A-Doodle Doo   Baby Huey 
Lassie    The Painted Hills

Crazy Town  Cartoon

Cinderella Blues

Cinderella Blues

Sercrete Agent  Superman

Superman Junkie

Underworld    Superman

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